Building things

for the web

Hi, I'm Stephen. I'm a front-end web developer in Virginia.

I believe the web is more than just a stack of files sitting on a server. It's bigger than Facebook and Twitter. It is significant. And I believe what we build for it must be significant as well. What we do for the web can not be taken lightly because, ultimately, we're not creating websites or applications. We're empowering people.

Projects Widget
A simple WordPress widget to display a users links in their sidebar or other widgetized areas.
My own personal URL shortner. Primarily built to take advantage of Tweetbot's custom URL and image service feature (and learn Laravel).
A landing page I designed and built to direct people to who are interested in seeing some of my work.
A bold, minimal theme for Anchor.

I build things with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. I like to use a few abstractions as well like jQuery, Sass, WordPress and Laravel. Some other cool tools I like are Sublime Text, PHPStorm, Yeoman, Grunt, Foundation, Backbone, Angular and Git.


I'm currently looking for work so please get in touch if you have a project you'd like to get started on!